In three months, we transform data analytics and machine learning into a transparent process that every manager can access, develop and improve.
DataVision allows any business user to build machine learning models of any complexity. Building models with the platform is no more difficult than working on a calculator. For data analysts, the system allows setting up automated procedures for hypothesis testing and initial data analysis.
DataVision key features
Access differentiation
Access to developed models, factor settings and data is strictly limited by system settings
Intuitive interfaces
DataVision does not require users to have specific knowledge in the field of mathematics and machine learning, building a model in the system is no more difficult than building a graph in office software
Models management
All input data and characteristics are available in system interfaces including model versioning, statistical characteristics, model risk
The ease of integration

The system supports the ability to upload processing algorithms as python scripts, models developed in the system can be referred to as services
License transparency

Complete independence from external software and ability to work on unix operating systems
Unlimited customization

The system is adapted to the solution of modeling problems of any complexity and any types
Cases of implementation
Cases of implementation in fintech
Cases of implementation in enterprise
Cases of implementation in logistics, shipping, tracking
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