1 month prototype warranty

For 3 months we will build an automated process of data analysis on the task and we will recoup the cost of implementation. Within 5 months we realize the growth potential. During the period of support we support you technologically and methodologically
More than 30 mln dollars our customers have already earned thanks to the implementation of our solutions
Cases of implementation
Cases of implementation in fintech
Cases of implementation in enterprise
Cases in logistics, shipping, tracking
Data Lab is a team of professionals in both business strategy and development and machine learning
  • Sergey Galenko
    Founder & CDO
    Sergey is the co-founder of the company and the author of our values and goals. He shapes a vision for the future of products and the company, and helps all key members of the team to reveal their unique talents in the process. For more than 20 years in the development and sales of commercial software, Sergey knows everything about how to bring complex technological solutions to the market.
  • Anna Koksharova
    Founder & CEO
    Anna is the co-founder and author of our products. She forms prototypes of products, organizes team work and helps our customers to solve the most complex data analytics tasks. Anna’s over 15 years in data analytics and risk management. She knows all about how to extract knowledge from the data and apply this knowledge in practice to increase profit.
  • Алексей Гневашев
    Product Manager
    Alexey is the voice of our company. He most often communicates with users of our platforms, systematizes user experience for the development of products.
    Alexey is an experienced business analyst and developer, and this set of competencies allows him to easily understand the requirements of customers and translate them into the language of developers.
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