The product portfolio for MFIs gives the opportunity to:

• ensure low rates of final defaults on the loan portfolio,
• get more information on clients,
• improve strategies efficiency for selling loan products and collecting an overdue debt,
• build the infrastructure for a complete analysis of client flows in a short time and integrate it with existing systems.

Product portfolio:

Integrated solutions


Self-AI platform for creating mathematical models (scoring, portfolio strategy, segmentation of the client base, marketing strategy, modelling of queuing systems, etc.)
The DataVision platform allows you to find real-time dependencies between the data flow and the KPI system of your business. The platform's tools allow business units to develop machine learning models without involving qualified Data Science specialists, and if necessary, the resulting Python scripts can be refined by your analysts and seasoned with the "secret sauces" of your business.


Online client profiling system based on mobile device data
The solution includes a SDK for data collection in the mobile app, an ETL layer for converting source data into client profile attributes, as well as services for risk assessment (defaults, fraud, late payments), user income, personal data validation, contact rate assessment, evaluation of the optimal communication strategy at the recovery and upsells stages (time+channel), etc.

Data-driven MFI

A comprehensive solution that includes the main platforms and allows you todeploy the infrastructure for working with Big Data, as well as analytical services for the bank activities.
A comprehensive solution that includes the design and implementation of DWH, the formation of digital profiles relevant to your business processes, the implementation of analytics and reporting systems, and the support of the company of its way to business results



Online scoring of the MFO client (PDL, Installation loans). Adapted for both onlineand offline loan issue channels
The main purpose of the service is to assess the probability of default of the borrower and fill the client's risk profile with relevant information necessary for setting up a portfolio strategy. The service is based on the processing of datafrom credit bureaus and allows you to use a stable evaluation model in the decision-making workflow, calibrated on the data of more than 3 million clients.


A modern anti-fraud system that allows you to detect andprevent fraudulent attacks in their early stages.
Fraudulent flows, and especially cyber fraud, are an evolving,self-organizing system. The nature of this system makes it impossible to createeffective methods for detecting it based on historical data, so the traditional approaches cannot be used in developing an anti-fraud system. FraudLess is the only systemthat provides reliable protection of your loan portfoliofrom fraudsters because it is based on the methods and algorithms of flow analytics with proven practical effectiveness.



A platform for customisation of decision-making systems, including those based on data analysis methods
. Managing the workflow of processing a user flow can be simple and transparent. The BlackFlow platform allows you to customize the logic of API methods and client service schemes in a simple graphical interface without programming skills. The main advantage of the system is the creation of a database of models and business process diagrams during the process of configuring the workflow, the use of standard notations, the possibility to use python scripts with models, application of registers of model risks, as well as the complete independence of the business unit from IT departments.


Automated reporting and monitoring platform
A solution that allows you to automate the process of generating regular reports, create business-relevant operational dashboards and dashboards for monitoring key indicators, customize systems for auto-informing responsible employees about deviations of actual indicators from the goal, and implement business performance monitoring tools.


Emulating experiments, testing business hypotheses, and working with digital twins
Development of tools for digital profiles of business objects and predictive analytics systems into a solution that allows you to simulate the behaviour of an object in an environment with specified conditions (communication strategies, portfolio and marketing strategies, production processes, etc.)

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The Data Lab portfolio for credit scoring tasks is a comprehensive solution that includes ready-made services for assessing the risk of an individual borrower, tools for setting up a portfolio strategy, and tools for developing internal models in low-code and no-code modes. Their combined application allows not only to manage credit risk but also to manage model risk, marginality and liquidity in general.

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