The portfolio of solutions for enterprises allows you to:

• reduce the gap between the digital strategy and its implementation,
• increase the company's capitalization,
• increase the transparency of digital asset management,
• increase the application of internal analytical models in production and business processes

Product portfolio:

Integrated solutions

Big Data Ecosystem

The solution that allows you to implement in short time technologies for working with big data and digital twins.



Automated reporting and monitoring platform
A solution that allows you to automate the process of generating regular reports, create business-relevant operational dashboards and dashboards for monitoring key indicators, customize systems for auto-informing responsible employees about deviations of actual indicators from the goal, and implement business performance monitoring tools.


Emulating experiments, testing business hypotheses, and working with digital twins
Development of tools for digital profiles of business objects and predictive analytics systems into a solution that allows you to simulate the behaviour of an object in an environment with specified conditions (issues of optimizing production processes and supply processes).

On request

Development of mathematical models of production processes and risk assessment based on client data

- Analysis of the place of the model in business processes;
- Analysis of existing tool restrictions;
- Creation of the data model;
- Development of a customized model;
- Creation of a protocol for training and testing the model

On request

Software Development

Individually, depending on the task and readiness of the TOR

On request
We provide full methodological and technological support to our clients at all stages of implementing data analysis systems until they achieve significant business results and build internal competencies in the digital economy.

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